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Medical Professionals

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Financial Planning for Medical Professionals

<b>Overcoming Debt and Building Long-Term Financial Security</b>

Overcoming Debt and Building Long-Term Financial Security

Most medical professionals face towering student loan debt. At the same time, they are just starting in their profession and are beginning to save for long-term goals, including retirement. In fact, most medical professionals have student debt of over $200,000. Medical professionals are further hindered in their financial plans by a lack of time to focus on financial planning goals, learning how to meet them, or the ability to stick to a plan. 

We take the burden of financial planning and debt reduction off your plate. We will work with you to develop a customized financial plan that considers student debt while balancing that with goal achievement and retirement needs.

Investing Strategy

Medical professionals have unique characteristics when it comes to financial planning. A recent study on medical professionals’ priorities discovered that they display patience and resolve when volatile markets rarely change their portfolios. The study also found that asset appreciation was more important to medical professionals than capital preservation. 

We can build on your strengths and design a personalized investment strategy that works for you while providing for others' medical needs.

The Financial Life Cycle of a Medical Professional

From the time you enter a medical program to the time you retire, you will go through multiple financial stages. These stages are different, to no small extent, from those of non-medical professionals. Below are the six stages of a medical professional’s financial life and the financial needs you may have in each stage. Regardless of your financial life stage, we can help you; from budgeting to retirement income planning, we are here for you.

Stage 1 - Financial Literacy

For those in medical school

- Set a budget

- Manage student loan debt

- Education on financial matters

Stage 2 - Financial Planning 

For interns and residents

- Plan for debt repayment

- Secure Own Occ disability insurance for income protection

- Begin an emergency fund

- Begin investing for retirement

Stage 3 - Financial Planning

For first-year attending

- Purchase life insurance

- Update disability insurance coverage as needed

- Create and implement an investment strategy 

Stage 4 - Financial Planning

For mid-career 

- Plan for retirement

- Consider estate planning

- Build assets

Stage 5 - Retirement Planning

For Pre-retirees 

- Set a budget for retirement

- Set up an estate plan

- Consider long term care insurance

Stage 6 - Post-Retirement

For Retirees

- Financial planning

- Succession Planning

- Estate Planning

- Charitable Giving

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